“Clearly a band with purpose and clarity of vision” fRoots
“Reassuring strength and vitality” Daily Telegraph
“Irish music in all its splendour” The Irish Post

Interview from Irish Music Magazine (May 2015)

Album reviews


Endorsements from fellow musicians include:

  • ‘This album captures the London Lasses at their brilliant best. The music is fresh and exciting with a lot of heart and rhythm that makes you want to dance’ Mary MacNamara (Macalla)
  • ‘The One I Loved the Best, is music played by great musicians at the peak of their art, with passion, verve and integrity. Molaim go deo sibh, Karen agus na London Lasses le Chris O’Malley’ Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (Altan)
  • ‘The London Lasses’ repertoire and style on this recording references many of the most essential touchstone elements in the tradition and presents a comprehensive picture of Irish music that is masterfully delivered with polish, and without compromise.’ Martin Hayes (The Gloaming)
  • ‘Congratulations to the London Lasses!  A formidable and talented group of musicians. This is their fifth album of traditional Irish music, expressed in their own inimitable style! A well researched selection of music and song, some old and some new exciting material. This album will please existing fans and attract many new followers.’ Matt Molloy (The Chieftains)

BY NIGHT & BY DAY (LL005, 2010)

“The best female group in Irish music is The London Lasses. Easily. No debate. Incredible musicians and singers. The fourth album is By Night & By Day. Get this spectacular piece of musical, trad business. Marvelous.”
Bill Margeson, Irish American News and
[To read the full review please visit the Irish American News website]

“Ten of the 13 tracks are superb and will undoubtedly enhance the already strong reputation of the band. These five London Lasses, plus Pete Quinn, admirably carry forward the legacy of those postwar Irish immigrants who came to London for work and brought with them Irish traditional music beyond price. This is an album you can listen to by night and by day and enjoy at any time.”
Earle Hitchner, The Irish Echo

“An absolute beauty…the elegance and lightness of touch which distinguishes them from most other Irish bands blossoms as they tackle an invigorating selection of tune sets. It’s all rather wonderful.”
Colin Irwin, Properganda

“A very fine album…the music is perfectly balanced”
Alex Monaghan, Irish Music Magazine

“played to perfection…there is an elegance in their playing that really draws the listener, and the whole album is really quite charming indeed.”
Fiona Heywood, The Living Tradition



“They play with much finesse without missing the trick of generating the informality and excitement of pub sessions”
Colin Randall, The Daily Telegraph

“A captivating sense of enthusiasm, energy, and skill that sets them far above your typical jigs and reels band. Recommended.” JLe, Dirty Linen

“The sort of album to make anyone fall in love with Irish music”
David Thorpe, The Irish Post

“There’s a grace and subtlety in their playing that few bands could match” Sarah McQuaid, Hotpress

“Third album from the Irish six-piece who play traditional music beautifully, unadulterated by global influence or genre crossover” BBC Radio 2, Folk & Acoustic website

“Provides a well-balanced helping of first-class Irish music”
Alex Monaghan, Irish Music Magazine



“The London Lasses and Pete Quinn’s emergence is vitally important, acknowledging a forgotten voice in Irish music and rebirthing it magnificently” John O’Regan, fRoots

“Sets of reassuring strength and vitality played with elegance”
Colin Randall, The Daily Telegraph

“Brisk and lively. While traditional in style, the arrangements keep everything fresh and enjoyable” JLe, Dirty Linen Magazine

“A delicious depth of texture throughout. Irish music in all its splendour’’ Malcolm Rogers, The Irish Post

“Very beautiful and sensitive interpretations and arrangements” Jennifer Byrne, Irish Music Magazine

Track Across the Deep is a fine manifestation of the very best elements from every known trait of the Irish tradition”
Xenia Poole, The Irish World

“Their sound is still as honest and unpretentious as their manner” Sarah McQuaid, Hot Press



“One of the most remarkable releases of 2000. A fabulously vibrant debut.” Geoff Wallis, The Rough Guide to Irish Music

“A sheer delight. A beauty of a collection. Strong, tight playing, very polished and together with an instinctive understanding” John Brophy, Irish Music Magazine

“There is a genuine sense of personality and a magnetic attraction to the music that enables them to produce performances laced with skill, sincerity and a lack of pretension.” John O’Regan, fRoots

“The album shows off their combined musical talents brilliantly” Traditional Music Maker

“Fresh and inventive, diverse and entertaining, while never being anything less than totally traditional” Musical Traditions

All albums distributed in the UK by Proper and in Ireland by Claddagh Records