Tips for Buying a Perfect Smartphone

In the field of continuous technology renewal, there are many system interfaces and superprocessor smartphones coming from the market. It is not easy to choose a smartphone with a number of smartphones.

This year, many smartphones are on the market and many have not yet arrived. If you want to buy a new smartphone perfect for you, you have to keep some things in your mind.

Smart Phone

Operating system: There are five well known operating systems on smartphones at this time. These five operating systems are iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Bada. In all operating systems for smartphones, there is something for everyone (although there is still a strong physical affinity between some devices, unfortunately), all expectations and all prices. Today, Android OS smartphones have a market judgment because of their flexibility and, on the other hand, iOS (Apple’s smartphone operating system) is considered the most flexible operating system. However, Apple’s smartphone costs more than most Android smartphones.

Display and its size: the mobile phone display technology goes through a huge revolution. Every month, a new phone screen reaches the market. You should look at the phone display you should buy as it does not have a short angle, a contrast that prevents any particular reading throughout the day, etc. Current display, AMOLED, SUPER AMOLED, HD IPS and Retina. I suggest you switch to a smart phone even with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. According to all analysts, the 4-inch smartphone is considered a smartphone of standard size. But now a trend has come to hold a smartphone with at least a 4.7 inch screen.

Ergonomics: Most phones have excellent ergonomics, offering excellent grip and stylish design. Take the phone well, especially if your heart grows on a smartphone more than 4 inches, a trend. Try the keyboard, virtual or physical, especially if you consume a lot of text and e-mail.

Multimedia features: Image is the most used multimedia function. Although the quality of the sensor is improved, the overall performance is still very variable. It is clear that there is a trend: a handful of smartphones provides a good image, sometimes equivalent to a compact input / intermediate game. Shoot life on the fly and instantly share photos with his tribe (MMS, Facebook, Twitter …)

Applications: All smartphones are supported by store applications, small applications and games rich in phone and can be shaped by its sauce. All operating systems can therefore benefit from more or less kiosk programs. Is the top made? Apple AppStore and Google Android Market. BlackBerry Store has gradually been developed, as a Microsoft Store for its Windows Phone operating system.